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We provide Certified and trained fireguards that have the knowledge that is needed for fire prevention. Our Fire Guard Teams serve both public and private sectors.

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Fire Guard Services in NYC:

Narrow Security has been providing fire guards to companies throughout New York for many years. A significant portion of our business is conducted in the tri-state area. We have trained security officers available to conduct fire watch services.

Narrow Security’s licensed fire guards and security officers are specially trained and experienced in providing fire watch services to businesses that are in the process of installing a fire protection system or are having problems with their current fire alarm system. We are able to respond immediately to a request for fire watch security services and can deploy our security team with minimal notice. Our fire watch security services in NYC remain on site until your fire detection systems and sprinklers are fully operational, and have been inspected and approved by the Fire Marshall.

Our clients typically include builders and construction companies, property developers, and property owners. It usually relates to work being performed at construction sites or the renovation of offices, manufacturing sites, distributions centres, and other facilities. The continued use and occupancy of any structure or business is dependent on all installed fire protection systems being maintained in an operational mode. At the beginning of an assignment, we conduct a walk-through with the client, establishing the patrol area and property under our care. In accordance with best practices and state laws, we provide documentation of all patrolled areas. As noted above, we remain on site until the Fire Marshall has inspected and approved the installed fire protection system. At which time, we are typically released from the assignment.

Circumstances Requiring Fire Guard Services:

  • Inoperative or malfunctioning alarm system.
  • Presence of toxic or flammable materials.
  • Malfunctioning fire sprinklers.
  • Water supply shutdown.
  • Power loss.

Components of Fire Guard Services in NYC:

  • Check for signs of fire (flames, smoke, improperly stored flammable or hazardous materials and increased temperatures).
  • Ensure that entrances and exits are not locked and those fire lanes are clear of vehicles or other obstacles.
  • Verify that extinguishers, along with other fire or emergency equipment, are fully functional and up-to-date.
  • Monitor premises for other safety issues that could create risk or hinder response time.
  • Identify other dangerous situations (water, steam or gas leaks, and power losses).
  • Patrol designated buildings and property at specified intervals.
  • Notify the fire department in the event of an emergency
  • Execute rapid, safe evacuation, if necessary.
  • Maintain a log of fire watch activities.

Patrol Details:

Service consists of regular patrols throughout:

  • All buildings areas (including common areas, corridors, mechanical and storage rooms on all floors).
  • Occupied residence buildings.
  • Unoccupied residence buildings.
  • Elevators.

A patrol usually occurs every 30-60 minutes. Frequency is determined by your local fire department based on risk level.

Record Keeping For NYC:

A patrol log is kept at your facility at all times during the fire watch. It contains:

  • Address of your location.
  • Times of each patrol.
  • Name of the fire watch security on duty.
  • Other information as required by the fire marshal.
  • All communication to the fire department and protection system company.
Construction Site Fire Guard Services:

Construction sites are sensitive because of constant construction and activity. This makes it essential for construction sites to acquire fireguard and safety services. Narrow Security Inc trains fireguards to work on construction sites which gives great comfort to construction sites owners.  Also, a lot of cities in the US legally bound the construction sites to have all necessary equipment installed before the completion or operation of the building. Our Fire Guard Services also guides you on legal implications before starting construction.

Hotel and Motel Fireguard Services NYC:

Hotels and Motels have the topmost priority of giving their customers a safe and comfortable experience during their stay. Narrow Security understands the needs and requirements of hotels and trains fire guards to be hospitable and friendly to guests in an emergency. We provide the friendliest fireguard services to hotels and motels. Narrow Security Inc is responsible, responsive, and efficient.

High-rise Office Building & Fireguard Services:

High rise buildings require different safety and protection services than normal sites. Narrow Security is up to date with the legal requirements of high-rise buildings in New York and other states. Our goal is to work with internal building staff and management to provide safety in case of any emergency and minimize losses. Our Fire Guards are FDNY certified and have extensive experience working on high rises and commercial properties.

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